Happy July 4th to our 3rd ID Neighbors

On Friday, July 3, 2009, the Exchange Club of Richmond Hill teamed up for the third time with the Richmond Hill Lions Club to participate in a "Thank You" celebration at Fort Stewart for the Third Infantry Division, The Rock of the Marne, and their families. Many of the 3rd ID have returned home to Fort Stewart and Hunter AAF several months ago, after 15 months participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom, which was their third deployment to Iraq since 2003. The event was well attended, with thousands of US Army personnel and their families being honored. Our two clubs operated a food booth, and cooked and gave away over 1000 hamburgers and hotdogs and hundreds of soft drinks in about 4 hours, and we really enjoyed serving the troops and their families, and thanking them for all they do for our country. The food booth was a joint effort with our Exchange Club and the Richmond Hill Lions Club, and was just one of many food booths operated by local organizations from Hinesville, Richmond Hill, Savannah, Jesup, and surrounding communities. Special thanks to the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce for their financial assistance in helping to pay for the food, drinks, and supplies used in our booth. In the opinion of those members that participated, this was a very good way to spend Independence day--saying "Thank You and Welcome Home" to our 3rd ID neighbors and their families. As you may know, expectations are that the 3rd ID will be deployed for a fourth time to Iraq or Afghanistan in late 2009 or early 2010. We hope those deployments will not be necessary, but we will continue to look for ways for our club to express our appreciation for the military's service to our country, and the sacrifices made by them and their families. They truly are "America's Finest".   Hoooah!